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21st Century Cabinetry

Cabinets have gone minimal and modern with floating units, systems concealed behind sliding doors, touch-latch cabinet fronts that eliminate hardware, and innovative new surfaces, such as aluminum, bamboo, high-gloss lacquer, or semi-translucent glass.

Sculptural Stove Hoods

Once boxy and bland, stove hoods are taking center stage with curvy, sculptural shapes. The latest designs, like this wall-mount hood from Miele, combine stainless steel with new materials, such as treated glass.

The Spa Shower

The master shower is gaining more square footage in the overall bathroom floor plan — it’s a shower room, not a stall. And the area is completely tiled and often features a bench and nooks for storing soaps and towels.

Shades of Grey

From kitchens to bathrooms, home owners are turning to gray as a modern standard for walls, cabinets and tile. It’s the new neutral.

Open Kitchens

A connection between kitchen, eating, and living space continues to influence both new home construction and remodels. The advantages, such as a connected family and a cook that’s not isolated, are why open kitchens have maintained their remodeling project popularity.

Universal Design–Architecture For All

At 180 Remodel, we believe in the wisdom of Universal Design; we create spaces that are not only beautiful, but also practical–inherently accessible to all: older people, people with disabilities and people without disabilities.

Custom Countertops

Counters are going from common to couture with custom touches such as wooden butcher blocks and marble pastry slab inserts. Homeowners are mixing materials, such as concrete embedded with bits of glass and metal. Stone, such as soapstone and marble, remains a popular countertop material.

Floating shelves are on trend

In the kitchen, particularly. Floating shelves give a chic and clean look to any kitchen design, allowing you to revamp your walls and showcase your favorite accessories. What’s even better is that they are an affordable alternative to upper cabinets.

Moroccan Makeover

Moroccan and cement tiles are having a major moment right now. These bold and timeless tiles are great for everything from bathroom floors to shower walls and kitchen backsplashes. When mixed with modern cabinetry and details, these tiles are a contemporary take on a classic style and can result in a truly show-stopping look

BoHo Chic

BoHo Chic
If you’re like me, you associate “Bohemian” style with clashing patterns, paisley prints and tie-dyes. Ew. But BoHo can be infused with a sophisticated twist–hallmarked by white walls, natural wood, interesting textiles, plants and (my favorite) hanging hammock or wicker chairs.

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